"As a matter of fact, this “Excalibur” is a brilliantly produced concept album, full of wonderful (yet poppy) compositions, sung by Michael Ernst and Chris Thompson, who is one of the best vocalists of all times. So, if you like rock (?) operas and don’t want them to be heavy all of the time, this one could fill the gap in a perfect way. Believe me, it’s one of those few albums I have listened to again and again and again..."
Rock Report Belgium
Excalibur-Review 2004

"Michael Ernsts’ Excalibur is a fine example of why reviewers should always take time to listen to an entire album and not skip through the first couple of tracks and then decide whether an album is hot or not. The first couple of tracks on this album sound very promising. The narrator on the opening track “The King Of Swords”, Duncan Larkin for example is among the best I’ve ever heard. The album starts out with nice and expressive rhythms."

Rockezine Netherlands
Excalibur-Review Dec. 2003

"It starts off with a nice intro "The King of Swords" spoken by Duncan Larkin and moves into the superb "Excalibur" with its wonderful and very catchy vocals and musical melodies. You can tell that this project is going to heavily based around the vocal parts from the offset."

Pretties For You
Excalibur-Review 2004

"Dem preisgekrönten Komponisten Michael Ernst ging es um eine möglichst aktuelle musikalische Umsetzung, und zwar im Kontext einer Verschmelzung von Rock, Pop und klassischen Elementen. Im zeitgenössischem Sinn betrachtet ist das eindrucksvoll gelungen."

Breakout Magazin Germany
Excalibur-Review 2004

"Dieses Album dürfte nicht nur für eingefleischte ALAN PARSONS PROJECT-Fans ein gefundenes Fressen sein, sondern dürfte auch die Anhänger der sanften AOR-Kost in seinen Bann ziehen. Also lasst euch für die nächsten 50 min von MICHAEL ERNST & Co. auf eine atemberaubende Zeitreise mitnehmen. - Es lohnt sich wirklich!"

Sonny Online Germany
Excalibur-Review 2004

"Après l'intro parlée, "Excalibur" nous met dans l'ambiance d'un rock à la Manfred Mann. "Magic" suit de la même manière en plus Asia. C'est vraiment un plaisir que de réentendre enfin Chris Thompson (je me répète tellement c'est intense!). La ballade "A Long, Long Time Ago" est chantée de belle manière par Michael Ernst lui-même. Belle voix également!"

Music in Belgium
Excalibur-Review 2004